Andrei Cimpian CV
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Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Andrei Cimpian

Lab Director

PhD, Stanford University

New York University
Department of Psychology
6 Washington Place, room 330
New York, NY 10003


Phone: 212-998-3551

Graduate Student

Sophie Arnold


Sophie graduated from the University of Chicago in 2018 with degrees in Psychology and Economics before working as the Yale Social Cognitive Development Lab manager from 2018-2020. She is primarily interested in understanding the reasons behind the development of behaviors and preferences that lead to societal gender disparities like the wage gap. She is also interested in questions at the intersection of moral reasoning and group membership. Outside of the lab, Sophie enjoys playing cards, reading fiction and hiking.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. April Bailey

PhD, Yale University


In her research, April integrates social cognition with intergroup relations. Much of her work focuses on gender. In one line of work, she investigates the androcentric tendency to default to thinking of people as men. Her work also addresses other related gender and racial biases, intersectionality, person perception more generally, nonverbal behavior, moral psychology, and essentialism. In the Cognitive Development Lab, she is studying the development of androcentric bias in children and its consequences for children's psychological well-being and achievement.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Jessica Gladstone

PhD, University of Maryland


Jessica is interested in understanding the development of students’ achievement motivation and engagement. Her research has focused on three main areas: (1) how parents and teachers shape students’ motivational beliefs, values, and engagement in math and science; (2) how undergraduates' motivational beliefs and values predict their engagement in math and science courses and how later engagement may then predict their motivational beliefs and values; and (3) how students’ personality characteristics, such as grit, relate to their motivation, self-regulation, and achievement. In the Cognitive Development Lab, she is studying how we can help encourage young students' developing interest and ability beliefs in math and science.

Lab Coordinator

Natalie Hutchins


Natalie is a 2020 graduate from Franklin & Marshall College with a degree in psychology. Her prior research interests focused on differences in social learning and attention between typically developing children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Natalie hopes to learn more about gender stereotyping across development in her time at CDL. In her free time, Natalie enjoys playing board games, reading, and being outside.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Jillian Lauer

PhD, Emory University


Jillian is interested in the origins of gender disparities in STEM achievement and interests. Her research has examined various aspects of spatial and mathematical development between infancy and adulthood, with a particular focus on gender-linked correlates of performance in these cognitive domains using behavioral, eye-tracking, and meta-analytic techniques. She is excited to be working with the Cognitive Development Lab, where she is studying the development of gender stereotypes, including those relevant to math achievement.

Graduate Student

Rachel Leshin


Rachel graduated from Northwestern in 2015 with degrees in psychology and gender studies, and served as CDL's lab manager from 2016-2018. Rachel is primarily interested in the development of social bias and stereotyping. In CDL, her focus is on the developmental roots of gender disparities in political leadership. Outside of the lab, Rachel enjoys cooking (and eating), seeing shows, and capitalizing on NYU student discounts throughout the city.

(Primary advisor: Marjorie Rhodes)

Graduate Student

Vivian Liu


Vivian graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She is interested in the overlap of different social identities in children and adults, the development of essentialist thought, as well as practical applications of strategies to reduce stereotyping and bias. Outside of lab, Vivian loves to bake desserts, eat desserts, and read fiction. 

Graduate Student

Melis Muradoglu


Melis is interested in the cognitive underpinnings of essentialist thought and social behavior. She is also interested in explanatory processes and how they inform beliefs about social categories in children and adults.

Lab Coordinator

Natalie Toomajian


Natalie is a 2019 graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. She's excited to work at CDL as lab coordinator and continue exploring the complexity of children's development through the lab's research. Her past research focuses include children's understanding of consciousness and conceptualization of Theory of Mind in non-human subjects. Natalie hopes to broaden her understanding of children's self-perceptions and how they impact motivation in school and social behavior. Outside the lab, Natalie enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies.


Lab Alumni

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-2019)

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Georgia

Former PhD Student (graduated 2017)

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Chicago

Dr. Eleanor (Ellie) Chestnut

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2018)

Product Manager, Textio

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2016)

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Former PhD Student (graduated 2017)

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

Dr. Larisa Hussak

Former PhD Student (graduated 2017)

Director, Strategic Research, EAB

Jilana Jaxon

Former PhD Student (2017-2019)

Master's student, Mental Health Counseling, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2019)

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Haverford College

Dr. Erika Salomon

Former PhD Student (graduated 2016)

Data Scientist, Mobile Medic

Former PhD Student (graduated 2018)

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Denver

Dr. Shelbie Sutherland

Former PhD Student (graduated 2016)

Associate, BEworks (Toronto)

Molly Tallberg

Former Lab Coordinator (2018-2020)

PhD student, The University of Chicago

Dr. Christina Tworek

Former PhD Student (graduated 2017)

Vice President, Data Science, HarrisX

Dr. Jussi Valtonen

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (2017-2019)

Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2020)

Assistant Professor of Psychology, New York University Abu Dhabi


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