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We invite you and your child to be a part of our research! Our studies are for children between the ages of 4 and 11, and we would love for your family to participate.


Each study involves a visit to our research center at New York University near Washington Square Park. We are open for appointments weekdays between 10am and 6pm, as well as Saturdays between 10am and 5pm.


Studies usually take 45 minutes, and are scheduled at your convenience. Siblings are welcome to join, too!


In a typical study, children will do a few short, interactive activities, such as reading stories, playing games, looking at pictures on a computer or tablet, or answering questions.


Children will receive a small prize and certificate as a reward for participating.  


To schedule a visit, email us at cogdevlab.nyu@gmail.com! Or sign up to be a part of our participant database using the button above, and we’ll email you to coordinate a visit.


We look forward to having you and your child in for a study soon!

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